Nestled in the heart of Portland, The Haven PDX stands as a beacon of artistic expression and collaboration. This unique space not only houses a vibrant community of artists but also continuously evolves to offer new experiences to its visitors. Our latest venture? A dynamic website that mirrors the innovative spirit of The Haven. Here’s […]

Last night, under the welcoming roof of The Haven Artist Collective, we experienced something truly remarkable. Every Monday evening, as the sun dips below the horizon, a special kind of magic unfolds at Psanctum Open Mic, hosted by the ever-charismatic Tom Hatsis and Eden Woodruff. Since June 2018, Tom and Eden have been the guiding […]

Live interviews from the @MorganPaigePoetry art show at @commonspdx Lucid Vibe Radio is an emerging voice in the macroscopic cultural narrative. A Return to the art of mouth to mouth Philosophy, Lucid Vibe merges audio programming from multiple schools of Radio. Part talk-radio, part consciousness positive music playing 24/7. Download the App at

YAIMA is a Cascadian Folktronic Music Duo based in Seattle WA. 2014-present The name YAIMA emerges from two sources one from the Mapudungun language meaning “that which water runs through” and the other from the gorgeous Island District of Okinawa Japan- Creating a deeply captivating and finely tuned container for their audiences- YAIMA (Mas Higasa […]

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