Danny is a painter with deep interests in curation and fostering creative communities. He graduated with a BFA with an emphasis in education from The University of Utah. What particularly interested him was unique community programs. For Danny, The Haven represents a natural evolution back to co-creation, where rising tides raise all ships and the […]

Moksha Kusa Marquardt (his birth name) is a self-taught master painter and multi-faceted artist from Washington State. His early work was heavily inspired by the dark artistry of Polish surrealists like Zdzislaw Beksinski and Jacek Yerka. While Moksha’s work stands in a class of its own, it has drawn comparisons to visionary artists such as […]

Shannon Christie (she/her) is an illustrator, artisan, laser-wielding witch and mental healthcare worker living in Portland, OR. Born in SoCal and transplanted to the PNW as a youngin’, Shannon grew up running around rivers and mountainsides in hot summers, and in cold and dark winters would spend her time incubating and developing her skills, schemes, […]

Tyler Shrake is a 28 year old visionary painter and muralist currently living in Portland, Oregon. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, he moved to the PDX area at the age of 21 to pursue a fine art degree at Portland State University, where in 2021 he graduated with a BFA with a focus in painting and […]

Lesley Anne Burke is inspired by the unconscious, non-ordinary states, plant medicines, earth based spiritual practices, her work as a therapist, and the darker side of surrealist and visionary art.  At the Haven, Lesley makes art, offers counseling, art therapy,  ketamine assisted psychotherapy, art and healing groups and workshops, and psychedelic integration.       […]

Inspired by nature’s wisdom, design’s intentionality, and the intrinsic power of beauty, Dustin uses design software, a laser cutter, and different finishes to make unique laser cut art pieces, both aesthetic and useful in nature. He perfects each piece as best as possible, at each step along the way into its materialization – working individually […]

Justin Potts is a multidisciplinary artist based in Portland, Oregon. His work is fueled by a deep fascination with existence and a fervent belief in the primacy of imagination. Justin hopes to make a wider band of reality available for experience and to contribute to the creative inspiration of any and all who take in […]

Joe Riso is a painter, primarily a mural artist, and pursuer of all things creative. Riso holds a BA in Media Arts and Animation and has worked as a professional artist for over a decade. Notable projects include animation for Weird Al music video “My Pancreas”, ink and paint work for Laika Studios, and many […]

Michael Hernandez is a multi-disciplinary artist, currently focusing on working with a combination of acrylic, aerosol, and digital tools to create saturated, organic, and detailed creations. While also maintaining a love of drawing and illustration, he takes inspiration from the flora and fauna of the natural world, graffiti lettering, cosmic forms, and geometric patterns. Whether […]

Emma Quinn is an oil, acrylic, and watercolor painter. Emma enjoys livepainting at festivals and shows and resides in their hometown, Portland Oregon where they are a resident artist at The Haven PDX.                 ROLE ARTIST / RESIDENT MEDIA Oil – Acrylic – Watercolor INTENTION “Art has always […]

Sara Swallowtail ROLE ARTIST / RESIDENT MEDIA Painter – Jewelry IG: @SaraWallowtail Website: FB:          

Corinne is a painter, builder, designer, and all-around problem solver, a New Jersey native currently creating at the Haven in Portland, Oregon. She explores expressing her inner landscape with themes ranging from grief and depression to the highs of joy, and the weird giggles in between. Her style is a blend, ranging from cartoonish  fantasy […]

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