Meet the Team

Zachary Wolk 

Creative Director 

Zachary is happy. He has an amazing team of powerful visionaries supporting the vision of Lucid Vibe Radio. I created Lucid Vibe Radio last year, after being pregnant with this vision for about 4 full years…. phew! I call myself a Creative Director of LVR but I’m just in service to the station. It’s taken it upon itself to be created – and I’ve just been fortunate enough to understand it’s need at this time in space. I believe in intentional cooperation and a renaissance in romantic idealism. My vision is to bring together minds, hearts and voices of people all across the world to teach each other and share the experience of being alive today. Grateful to You.



Aliko is a strong staple in Lucid Vibe Radio and extended community. Aliko owns and runs several businesses and organizations including a digital marketing company called Well ‘N Green. With his refined branding and business development skills he is taking Lucid Vibe Radio to the next level managing and coordinating events, and a large team. Outside of his work, Aliko enjoy’s green architecture, working with his board on developing an eco-village, and filming and cooking on his vegan cooking show – Put a Spoon in it.



Partners Coordinator (Sponsorships and Events)

Jade’s mission is to empower people through authentic self-expression, compassionate communication, and integration of the mind-body-soul. Jade is the Lucid Vibe Radio’s Partnership & Merchandising Manager. She works to bring together like-minded and passionate individuals to create beautiful, world-changing projects. Outside of this, she is a coffee addict and practicing energy healer pursuing Somatic Movement Therapy. “I encourage you to be your truest and best Self, always perfecting the practice of You.”



Kats biggest passion lies in participating in people’s awakening process, and the beauty that takes hold of someone’s life once they’ve been set on the path towards integration with their best and highest self. By sharing, collecting, and storing consciousness raising articles, videos, essays, and poetry, Kats  hope is to create a space for people to comfortably explore the unexplored areas of interests in their lives. She loves cats, her favorite color is purple, and she identifies as a lesbian witch. Kat is in charge of blog content and submissions for Lucid Vibe. If you’d like your writing published on Lucid Vibe email


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