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The Haven PDX is also home to the offices of many talented healers and alternative therapists. This is your sign to dive in and discover your true potential. Ask for help and you shall recieve, here!

Tea Lounge

The Purple Moonlight Tea Lounge is the permanent tea lounge installation located at The Haven PDX within the JaJa PDX event venue. 

Located on the main floor of the venue, it is available to book for tea service during your event when booking at The Haven or JaJa PDX. 

The tea lounge host and staff pour small-batch handmade tea, predominantly sourced from the Yunnan Province in China where tea cultivation originated, as well as local handmade herbal infusions.

The tea is poured gongfu-style at the table which can fit up to 10 people at a time, providing a safe grounding space for guests to sit, socialize and connect during an event while flowing in and out of the lounge as they please.

Follow the Purple Moonlight Tea Lounge on Instagram @purple.moonlight.lounge

You can also email the lounge host: Antler & Stone Tea Lounge Experiences at antlerstonetea@gmail.com to discuss bookings and smaller tea sessions in the lounge itself.

Jordan is a licensed massage therapist, certified yoga and dance teacher, fitness instructor, watercolorist, founder of Infinitely Love Healing Arts, a collective of healers based at the Haven.

Go check out her artwork + Book a massage, healing service or a dance performance by Jordan for your next event

Lucid Vibe is a podcasting media studio currently based in Portland, OR.  Raising the vibration of human consciousness through conversation, exploring the passions of our community. Lucid Vibe’s mission statement is that each of us are a piece of the mysterious puzzle. 

Check out the Blog and Podcast here!

Conscious Growth is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Portland, Oregon.
Our mission is to build community resilience by organizing inclusive events that support cultural change and regenerative living. We do this by focusing on four elements: Environment (Earth), Social Justice (Air), Wellness (Water), and Creativity (Fire).
Through the intersection of these elements, we believe the fifth sacred element (Spirit) can evolve to a higher level of compassion and understanding. Therefore, our vision is to raise consciousness by shifting from a mindset of scarcity to a lifestyle of reciprocity.
If you are interested in collaborating with us, please feel free to reach out!

Psanctum Psychedelia is a non-profit psychedelics research, educational, and harm reduction organization located in Portland, Oregon.

THey also Host Psanctum Open Mic Every Monday Night, 7:00pm at The Haven’s Art Gallery! Come share your Performance Art with us!

Since forming in 2018, Psanctum Psychedelia has hosted a variety of speakers knowledgeable in the latest, cutting-edge advances in psychedelic science, history, anthropology, and spirituality. 

Evolved Mushrooms began at the intersection of a collaborative partnership based within multiple fields of study to help spread the highest quality medicinals possible with our community.  

We found power in being able to create our own medicine, and allow our whole system to inform us on the effectiveness of the medicinals we’ve created.  Many of our natural medicinals are sourced from cultures that have worked with these plants and fungi for hundreds if not thousands of years.  We have found a reconnection with medicine by working with it and studying it directly.

psychedelic art therapy

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The other half of our Heart, Jaja PDX is responsible for creating many of the events you are stepping into when you come into the building. Jaja PDX is a multifaceted company, whos work includes circus shows, and workshops, woodworking and creative fabrication, a clay studio, art studios, healers and more. We are so lucky to get to share space under Jaja and collaborate with them to make real magic!