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The Haven is an Art Collective in the Heart of Portland, Or. Click Here to Find out more about the Haven!

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The Haven PDX: A Hub for Creativity, Community, and Innovation

Nestled in the heart of Portland, The Haven PDX stands as a beacon of artistic expression and collaboration. This unique space not only houses a vibrant community of artists but also continuously evolves to offer new experiences to its visitors. Our latest venture? A dynamic website that mirrors the innovative spirit of The Haven. Here’s […]

Mystic Machine
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Psanctum Open Mic: Magical Monday Evenings at The Haven: Where Voices Resonate and Souls Connect

Last night, under the welcoming roof of The Haven Artist Collective, we experienced something truly remarkable. Every Monday evening, as the sun dips below the horizon, a special kind of magic unfolds at Psanctum Open Mic, hosted by the ever-charismatic Tom Hatsis and Eden Woodruff. Since June 2018, Tom and Eden have been the guiding […]

Psanctum Open Mic
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Morgan Paige Art show Special podcast!

Live interviews from the @MorganPaigePoetry art show at @commonspdx Lucid Vibe Radio is an emerging voice in the macroscopic cultural narrative. A Return to the art of mouth to mouth Philosophy, Lucid Vibe merges audio programming from multiple schools of Radio. Part talk-radio, part consciousness positive music playing 24/7. Download the App at LucidVibe.com

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Yaima Appreciation

YAIMA is a Cascadian Folktronic Music Duo based in Seattle WA. 2014-present The name YAIMA emerges from two sources one from the Mapudungun language meaning “that which water runs through” and the other from the gorgeous Island District of Okinawa Japan- Creating a deeply captivating and finely tuned container for their audiences- YAIMA (Mas Higasa […]


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