Feb 2020

Nate Jensen


Nate has lived the career of Artist - as an oil painter, children's book illustrator, muralist and animator. He brings talent, enthusiasm, optimism, experience and a strong collective spirit. Together we are stronger!


Feb 2020



Who am i

I have painted murals around the world, illustrated dozens of children's books, animated for feature films including Richard Linklater's "Waking Life", "A Scanner Darkly" and "Apollo 10 1/2" and as a fine art oil painter I explore dimension and form with color and stroke. I've long been interested in the viewer's spatial relation to the experience of an art piece. I've built 3D paintings where painting is both image and object. Now, I'm exploring AR and VR adding new complexities and variables of experience.

Connect with Nate:

Contact Nate at natepjensen@gmail.com