Danny Stephens


Danny is primarily a painter, with deep interests in curation and fostering creative communities. He graduated with a BFA with an emphasis in education from The University of Utah.  What particularly interested him was unique community programs. For Danny, The Haven represents a natural evolution back to co-creation, where rising tides raise all ships and the illusion of the lonely starving artist falls away with an old world.


Art Director / Resident


"As a collective in our ascent towards novelty, art bridges the gaps that language leaves open. I feel that the hivemind produces solutions to our woes through the creative expression of any individual who pauses long enough to hear the call. Anything else in my mind is speculation. I have re-written my statement enough times to learn that my biggest mistake has always been being too concrete in my views and processes. My art is about curiosity. Each painting is a dive into a particular observation hoping to visually explain what I fall so short on linguistically. As for why I paint.. I truly don’t know. It’s just the closest thing to what feels right at the moment. My biggest curiosities are medicine work, perception, evolution, community, and that curiously interactive force that lies just beneath and beyond our understanding." -Danny Stephens

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  Email: DannyStephensArt@gmail.com