Dr. Pyne


Dr. Pyne is an ethereal being who exists on multiple levels in the highest dimensions. Right now his name is Dustin, and he is a psychedelic painter, muralist and travel photographer. He is the treasurer and financial officer for The Haven, and one of the original council members.   If anything can be said, it’s that his current focus is to become a stronger conduit for the underlying healing vibration that all art embodies. He is in service to the creative muse, and it is in service to him

Haven Role


“Duality and balance are essential for me and I try to translate that into my creations. I make art that weaves organic elements like birds and plants with structural elements like symmetry and sacred geometry. I primarily paint with a bold and colorful style, and my goal is to inspire feelings of hope, love, and wonder through my creations. I use organic acrylic and always paint on wood.” – Dr. Pyne