Luyah is a fantasy art painter, and clothing designer, inspired by comic book art, love, and neon rainbows, she graces the Haven with her squirrelly unicorn-like presence, residing in the girly cave across the mystical bridge to the tea lounge, at The Haven PDX.

Resident Artist

The Haven

What we did

"I share my art because it’s incredibly important for your health to soak in beautiful and colorful things as much as possible, especially living in a world of concrete and plaster. Every painting has a story and pertinent positive message to read when you receive it in your mailbox, so that every time you catch my art out of the corner of your eye, you are subconsciously reinforcing the positive message and spreading the love and empowerment all throughout your beautiful body."

Available Creative Services

Luyah is availble for hire to Live Paint at Events, Shows, and festivals.

Contact directly through her website (linked below) to commission a painting

Prints, stretched canvases, merch, and some originals are available at