Our City's Creative Sanctuary

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The Haven is a full spectrum experiment in co-creation where the fostering of creative community and personal growth of the artist takes priority. It’s our thought that in that sort of environment art happens organically as a byproduct.
We are a living and breathing gallery.. a collective of painters, musicians, tech artists, teachers, healers, psychedelic therapists, podcasters, tea artists, and solutionary minded activists.
Our goal is to dispel the idea of the lonely starving artist while bringing the healing nature of transformational festival culture to the urban environment.

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our patreon!

Jaja Pdx,- our beloved partners.

The easiest way to say it, is that the Haven and Jaja PDX woud not be where we are now, without eachother. We deeply value our collaboration with Jaja PDX, and are happy to be creating a world shaking future with them, for the greater good of art and the good of our community. Jaja PDX is the other side of the building in which our collective resides. Jaja is responsible for creating many of the events that you come to enjoy, when you walk through our gallery doors, and into the event space. The Haven and Jaja are the mother and father of the future to come.
Read more about Mariano, Blue, and Jaja PDX on their page HERE.

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Located at 819 SE Taylor St.
Portland OR, 97214